Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea: Top 5 Reviews of 2020

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Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleeping disorders that people suffer from worldwide. It’s a condition where the air passages become restricted while sleeping which can cause you to stop breathing momentarily.

People often wake up with the sensation of choking or gasping for air. Furthermore, sleep apnea sufferers usually snore loudly which can disturb others.

Using a special sleep apnea pillow can keep your body in a position to open up your airways to breathe easier. There are also CPAP compatible sleep apnea pillows that let you sleep comfortably while wearing your mask.

Our review includes 5 of the best sleep apnea pillows and a buying guide so that you can pick the one that’s best for you and will improve the quality of your sleep.

Disclaimer: While SleepSharp endeavors to recommend the best products, we edited this post to offer general information only. As such, the content of this article can’t replace professional and expert advice and recommendation.

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

CPAP Pillow Memory Foam Contour Design Reduces Face Mask Pressure - SleepSharp

The memory foam materials that have been used to make this pillow provide it with a contouring feature that molds to the natural shape of your head and face. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably in a range of positions.


  • Good airflow 
  • 2 neck support options
  • Contouring memory foam materials

We also liked how there are two sides of the pillow with one side being larger and the other being smaller. As a result, you’re able to pick the side that suits you best. This is another excellent feature that makes the pillow comfortable for people who like to sleep in different positions.

Furthermore, the way that the pillow has been designed means that you can wear most masks without interference. So, if you wear a mask to help you sleep, you can remain comfortable and experience a deep night’s sleep.

Coisum Contouring Pillow

Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow - SleepSharp

Coisum’s contouring pillow has been implemented with high-density memory foam materials that are soft enough to contour to the natural shape of your body, while also being firm enough to keep you supported.


  • Breathable design
  • The pillowcase can be removed & washed
  • Contouring foam materials

There are two heights available with the pillow which gives you the option to choose the height that feels best for you. One side of the pillow is lower and the other side is higher so you can simply flip it over to lay on the low or high side.

A dip has been included in the middle of the pillow that allows your head to be relieved from pressure so that you can sleep comfortably on your back. For people who like to sleep on their side, its’ recommended to keep your head on one of the flaps for the best head and shoulder support.

Contour CPAP Pillow

Contour Products - SleepSharp

If you sleep with a CPAP, you can reduce how much your mask leaks while sleeping as a result of how the pillow has been designed. Therefore, you can move around freely while sleeping with your mask on without worrying about leaks.


  • Can be used comfortably with sleeping masks
  • 3D mesh memory foam
  • Ventilated design

We liked how one side of the pillow has been made with 3D mesh memory foam materials. This side is best for people who want to experience a contoured pillow. You also have the option to sleep on the other side which feels more like a regular pillow.

This pillow has been made with a ventilated design. Therefore, you’re able to sleep with plenty of airflows to keep you cool which is great for improving the quality of your sleep.

Cushy Form Wedge Pillow

Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow - SleepSharp

The Cushy Form wedge pillow provides your upper body with an inclined angle to sleep on. This can be a fantastic way to provide your shoulders, back, neck, and head with more support. In addition to this, the wedge can put you in a position for improved circulation.


  • Cover is washable
  • High-density memory foam 
  • Ventilated design

People have been liking how they can alter the angle and position of the wedge when they’re sitting up in bed reading or watching TV. You can then lay it down on the bed when it comes to sleeping.

High-density memory foam materials have been included inside the wedge pillow which has contouring benefits. As a result, the wedge pillow has a natural feeling that’s comfortable. Not to mention, the pillow is breathable so that you can stay cool while sleeping.

VISCO LOVE Therapeutic Pillow

VISCO LOVE Silver Sleep Therapeutic Wellness - SleepSharp

The VISCO Love therapeutic pillow includes elastic memory foam materials that contours to the natural shape of your body so that you can sleep comfortably. In particular, people notice that they wake up with less shoulder and neck pain.


  • Opens air passages for easier breathing
  • Contouring elastic memory foam 
  • Easily washable cover

People with sleep apnea can benefit from the position that this pillow keeps them in while sleeping. It has been found to keep the air passages more open so that you can have an easier time breathing at night.

We liked how the pillow also responds to heat and ensures that you can remain cool. This is great for keeping you cool and improving the quality of your sleep. The cover can also be easily removed and washed to maintain the cleanliness of the pillow.

Sleep Apnea Pillow Buying Guide

Why You Should Use Sleep Apnea Pillows

If you use a CPAP mask while trying to sleep on a regular pillow, you may have found that positioning your pillows to sleep comfortably without interfering with the mask can be tricky. Using sleep apnea position pillows allows you to sleep comfortably without the pillow getting in the way of the mask.

You can find specific pillows for CPAP mask users to prevent mask interference, as well as other pillows for sleep apnea treatment. These pillows are often made with memory foam materials that provide your body with a natural contouring feel.

It’s common to find elevated pillows for sleep apnea as it keeps your body in a position that’s easier to breathe and gives you more room to wear a CPAP mask. In addition to this, most pillows for sleep apnea sufferers come with ventilated features to keep you cool to sleep more comfortably.

Different Kinds Of Pillows For Sleep Apnea

  • Orthopedic Memory Foam – These pillows usually come with cut-outs that let you sleep comfortably in different positions. They also have lots of support for the spine and neck and are usually best for back sleepers. 
  • CPAP Pillows – Not all sleep apnea pillows are compatible with CPAP masks. So, if you wear one while sleeping, be sure that it mentions that it can be used comfortably with CPAP masks. This is because they’ve been designed to keep your head properly positioned to avoid interfering with the mask and causing leaks. 
  • 2-Sided Pillows – Double-sided pillows can come with one side lower and the other side higher. As a result, you can decide on which side feels the most comfortable for you. In addition to this, there are 2-sided pillows that come with different materials. For example, one side may be memory foam and the other side may be more like a regular pillow. 
  • Wedge Pillows – Some sleep apnea sufferers find that sleeping at an inclined angle makes it easier for them to breathe. Wedge pillows allow you to sleep at an incline that keeps your airways more open so that you can breathe easier. These pillows can also be used to sit up more comfortably in bed. 

How To Maintain Your Sleep Apnea Pillow

Maintaining your pillow for sleep apnea is critical to making sure that you can maintain its condition. If a sleep apnea pillow isn’t cared for properly, it can cause it to go out of shape and the memory foam materials won’t feel as comfortable to sleep on.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow the cleaning guidelines that have been provided by your chosen pillow manufacturer. If you don’t clean it regularly, you will also be more prone to dust mites that make it even more difficult for sleep apnea sufferers to breathe.

Some pillows come with a removable cover that can be put in the washing machine or washed by hand. However, there are also sleep apnea pillows that can only be spot cleaned.

Sleep Apnea Pillow Materials

Most pillows for sleep apnea patients are made with memory foam materials. This is because memory foam enables your body to contour to the pillow to keep you comfortable and supported.

It’s also common to find pillows for sleep apnea treatment that have ventilated features. These features work to keep your body cool at night which keeps you more comfortable and can improve the quality of your sleep.


The EnduriMed CPAP is our number one pick for people with sleep apnea as it comes with contouring memory foam, a higher and lower side, as well as a design that lets you sleep comfortably while wearing a mask.

Having said that, it’s also a good idea to consider the other pillows for sleep apnea as they may come with specific features that would benefit your specific condition better. Hopefully, the details found throughout our review and buying guide have been useful in helping you to pick the right sleep apnea pillow to help you breathe easier at night.

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