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How To Make A Mattress Firmer? Here Are 3 Simple Methods

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If your mattress is too soft and you’re wondering how you can make it firmer, you can check out the tips mentioned throughout our post. Sleeping on a mattress that isn’t firm enough can cause problems to your back and neck. You can also experience a poor quality of sleep when your mattress isn’t firm enough.

Instead of resorting to purchasing a new mattress altogether, there are some steps that you can take before that could fix the problem. As a result, you could get year’s worth of use out of your current mattress rather than throwing it out and spending money on a new one. So, let’s take a look at how you can make different types of mattresses firmer.

Making Traditional Mattresses Firmer

Traditional mattresses take a little while to break in but they can also begin to sag over time as well. Usually, traditional mattresses sag in the center which can cause discomfort to your back.

How do you know if your bed is too soft? Sagging in the middle is a clear indicator that the main support system of the mattress is failing. Before you go ahead and purchase a brand new mattress, we recommend that you check the warranty of your mattress. This is because some companies offer replacements if the problem is sagging.

Most warranties won’t accept your request for a replacement mattress if there are stains on it. Therefore, using a protective cover over the mattress is an easy way to prevent stains and ensure that your eligible for a replacement due to sagging.

How To Make A Soft Mattress Firmer

  • Take your mattress off the bed and place it on the floor as it’s easier to see the areas where the box springs are springier as they work like shock absorbents. 
  • Keeping the mattress on the ground lets you see the differences in how springy the mattress is. As a result, you can alter it to the firmness that suits you best. 
  • Place the plywood on top of the box spring in the mattress to make it feel firmer and less springy. To achieve an even firmer feel, you can completely replace the box spring with plywood.
  • Be sure to take the right measurements of the mattress and the amount of plywood that you need to make it firmer.

How To Make Memory Foam Mattresses Firmer

Foam mattresses don’t have springs on the inside, therefore, using the plywood method doesn’t have any effect on foam mattresses. If your memory foam mattress is getting too soft, it could be because of the temperature in your home.

Therefore, making your foam mattress firmer could be as simple as lowering the temperature in the room. After some time, you may notice that the mattress becomes firmer on its own. If the temperature in your household tends to be warmer, the foam mattress is going to be softer.

You may also find that lowering the temperature of the room to make the foam mattress firmer helps you to sleep better. Sleeping in lower temperatures can be a more comfortable environment for your body to fall asleep in.

If you don’t want to change the temperature of your home, you’ll want to find a mattress topper that you can use on top of the mattress to give yourself a firmer feel. You can find some great mattress toppers that are soft and enable you to remain comfortable.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you can continue sleeping on a foam mattress that feels firm is to rotate and flip it. Ideally, you’ll want to flip and rotate your foam mattress twice a year.

It’s a simple method that can prolong the life of your mattress that most people don’t do often enough. The reason it works so well is that it provides the mattress with the chance to support your body in different areas rather than your weight being on the same side and area for years.

Without rotating and flipping your memory foam mattress, you’re more likely to put indentations in it over the years which can make it feel softer than you prefer.

Evaporation Method To Firm Up Mattresses

One of the more uncommon ways to make a soft mattress stiffer is to use the evaporation method. The reason why the evaporation method can be so effective is that mattresses can gain a lot of weight in condensation every night.

As a result, the condensation can make the materials of your mattress feel too soft. An easy way to get rid of the extra condensation weight is to put the mattress out in the sun for just a few hours.

Over time, the mattress will begin to become firmer as the moisture is being evaporated by the sun. In addition to this, the evaporation method is great for getting rid of any bacteria that may be lurking inside your mattress.


So, be sure to try the various methods mentioned throughout this post to make your mattress firmer. Ultimately, none of the techniques we’ve outlined will work with a 100% success rate. However, they could save you the money and hassle of getting brand new mattresses when you could prolong the life of your current one for more years.

It’s also important for you to realize when your mattress is at the point of being recoverable or whether it’s too worn down and needs replacing altogether. If you constantly wake up with back and neck pain and you’ve tried using the ideas listed in this post without any success, that’s a clear sign that you need a brand new mattress.

Hopefully, you can use the details in our post to learn some of the best tips to make your mattress firmer to improve the quality of your sleep.

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