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Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

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The Loom and Leaf is one of the three luxury mattresses by Saatva. True to Saatva’s mission, this bed brings the fancy feeling and look of a high-end mattress, but at a relatively lower price tag than most of its competitors.

To give you a snapshot of this mattress, this is a 4-layer all-foam memory foam bed. It has a gel-infused comfort layer and a quilted organic cotton pillow top cover.

One of the key strengths of this mattress is that it’s available in two firmness levels. You can choose to go with the Relaxed Firm version, which falls at around 6.5 on our firmness scale, or the Firm, which feels like an 8 to us.

In this Loom and Leaf mattress review, we’ll give you a detailed, step-by-step tour of this mattress from its construction to how it performs in areas such as pressure relief, temperature regulation, and edge support.

Loom and Leaf brand at a glance

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Loom and Leaf is a brand belonging to a top-rated mattress company called Saatva. This is a privately-owned online company that kicked off its operations in 2010 during the wake of the Direct to the Consumer’s Door era.

Unlike most modern mattress companies, Saatva ships most of its mattresses, including the Loom and Leaf already expanded. This company also offers free white-glove service. Two professionals will carry the bed to wherever you want it in your house and set it up for you. They’ll also take away your old mattress (free of charge) if you wish. That’s what we call good value for money. 

Saatva currently has six mattresses in its inventory;

  • Saatva Classic- innerspring hybrid
  • Loom and Leaf- eco-friendly memory foam
  • Zenhaven- 100% Talalay latex mattress
  • Solaire- adjustable air mattress
  • Saatva HD- a hybrid heavy-duty innerspring mattress for 300-500 pounds consumers
  • Saatva Youth- a dual-sided innerspring mattress for growing children
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Who do we recommend it for?

When doing this Loom and Leaf mattress review, we found it as an ideal bed for;

  • Lightweight to Average weight (150-230 lbs) folks– the Relaxed Firm mattress has a good amount of give coupled with adequate responsiveness that makes it perfect for individuals in this category. Heavier people (up to 300 lbs) will appreciate the feel of the Firm version.
  • People who value the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam but dislike the stuck-in-the-mud feeling– thanks to the euro top cover of this mattress and the firm transition and base layers, you won’t feel like trapped in your bed. Turning and moving across the bed is somewhat easy too compared to classic memory foam. 
  • Average weight couples– the Relaxed Firm version of this mattress not only accommodates a wide weight range, but it also supports pretty much all sleeping positions. It also has excellent motion isolation and above-average edge support. All these features make it highly recommendable for couples with different sleep needs.
  • Hot sleepers– most Loom and Leaf mattress reviews from current users affirm that this bed does not get as hot as traditional memory foam mattresses do. This is attributable to its breathable cover and gel-infused comfort layer.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Awards

🏆 Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers
🏆 Best Mattress for Arthritis
🏆 Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers
🏆 Best Mattress for Overweight Couples (Firm)
🏆 Best Pillow Top Mattress

Loom and Leaf Mattress Construction- Know why it’s different


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When doing any mattress review, we like starting right from the very top. We believe the cover has an immense contribution to the overall comfort of the layers beneath it.

The Loom and Leaf boasts a 0.625-inch European pillow top cover consisting of low-density foam woven into a cover made of organic cotton fibers. Besides giving this mattress its breathability, this pillow top also has exceptional responsiveness that eliminates the stuck in bed feeling of traditional memory foam mattresses. This pillow top also gives you a gentle pressure relief, especially if you are a side snoozer.

Comfort layer

The comfort system of the two mattresses consists of two layers. The first is a 2-inch 4-pound memory foam layer featuring a patented gel-swirl construction design.

At the top of this layer is what Saatva calls Spine-Zone Gel. This is an additional panel of gel in the middle of the bed. At the bottom, this comfort layer has a convoluted design similar to an egg crate. 

This medium-density memory foam layer is what gives this bed the characteristic contour and pressure relieve traits of classic memory foam. Its gel-on-gel technology and egg crate design, on the other hand, chip in to draw heat away from you and boost air circulation, respectively. 

After the gel-infused layer, there’s another 2.5-inch 5-pound memory foam. This layer gives the sleeper deeper contouring and also throws in a notable level of support. 

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Transition layer

The third layer in this mattress is a 2-inch 1.6 PCF poly foam that is responsible for transitioning your weight to the dense support base. It does this while providing some support to prevent you from sinking through the first two layers, but without being too stiff on the lumpy parts of your body. 

The difference in the firmness levels of the two variations of Loom and Leaf mattresses comes in here. The support layer of the Firm mattress is slightly firmer than that of the Relaxed Firm. 

Support layer

The fourth and last layer in this Loom and Leaf mattress review is responsible for the overall comfort of the bed. This is a 5.5-inch high-density poly foam with a PCF of 1.6. The size of this high-density base is just within the range that most manufacturers use for their mattresses. Our mattress review team considers it an ideal thickness for a supportive bed that’s going to retain its structure for long. 

What is the height of the Loom and Leaf mattress?

In total, both firmness options of this mattress have a thickness of 12 inches. The Loom and Leaf mattress is slightly thicker than most luxury beds that come at its price range. That’s to say that this is one of the most affordable 12-inch memory foam mattresses on the market today. 

If you’ve checked out other mattress reviews on our site, you’ll realize that we are huge fans of 12-inch beds. In our experience, this thickness tends to work best for most people, especially those who are on the heavier side. It’s also easy for most people to climb into and out of bed. 

Loom and Leaf Mattress Specifications

Product Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm Loam and Leaf Firm
Firmness levelMedium-Firm (6.5/10) Firm (8/10)
Height12” 12”
Pillow Top Cover0.625-inch of foam woven in Organic cotton cover0.625-inch of foam woven in Organic cotton cover
Comfort System2” 4PCF Convoluted Memory Foam with gel-on-gel design

2.5” 5PCF Memory Foam
2” 4PCF Convoluted Memory Foam with gel-on-gel design

2.5” 5PCF Memory Foam
Transition Layer2” 1.6 PCF Poly Foam2” 1.6 PCF Poly Foam (slightly firmer)
Base Support5.5” 1.6PCF HD Poly Foam5.5” 1.6PCF HD Poly Foam

How Firm does this mattress feel?

The mattress review team at SleepSharp gave the Relaxed Firm mattress a firmness rating of 6.5 on our soft-firm scale. However, although we classified this model as a medium-firm, we noted that, for an average weight user, it’s a tad on the firmer side compared to other medium-firm mattresses in our list of reviews. 

When you lie on the bed, you’ll first experience a firm feel that dissipates as the memory foam underneath gives in to your pressure and body temperature. Just like in a typical memory foam bed, you’ll sink into the comfort layers and sleep IN the mattress. However, this model has a unique springiness that bolsters you to eliminate the stuck-in-mud feeling that plagues typical memory foam beds. 

The Firm variation is, well, firmer, and responds slowly to pressure. For an average weight user, this model won’t create enough cradle for pressure relief. That’s why we recommend it for heavier individuals between 230 and 300 lbs. 

Performance Ratings- Loom and Leaf Mattress in Action

Temperature regulation

Saatva has put a lot of effort into boosting this mattress’s breathability- and these efforts seem to be paying off. Although heavier individuals may experience some heat retention, the euro pillow top with organic cotton cover and the gel-on-gel convoluted comfort layer greatly help in controlling the temperature around the sleeping surface. Again, thanks to its slightly firmer feel, you won’t sink deep inside this mattress. This also boosts temperature neutrality. 

Motion isolation

Similar to most all-foam beds, our mattress review team gave both firmness options of this mattress high marks on motion isolation. Generally, foam layers have a structure that efficiently absorbs movement energy, thereby preventing it from getting to the other side of the bed. This makes it perfect for people who share the bed. 


Another key strength of all-foam mattresses is that they don’t squeak or creak as hybrid or innerspring do. They don’t have springs or moving parts, remember? This is yet another reason why you are going to like the Loom and Leaf if you intend to share it with someone else. 

Edge support

All-foam memory beds suffer from poor edge support; at least you can’t compare them to hybrid and innerspring alternatives. Narrowing down to the Loom and Leaf, this model has a noticeable sinkage when you sit on its sides. However, our mattress review team agrees that it performs slightly better than most mattresses that are less firm. For couples below 230 pounds, we believe you won’t have issues sleeping along the end of the sleeping surface. 

loom and leaf edge - SleepSharp


This is one of the areas that this mattress gets mixed reactions from our evaluators. On the one hand, this bed is very discreet and will never inconvenience you with irritating squeaky noises. It also has above-average edge support for an all-foam mattress. On the downside, it tends to retain some heat, and it’s not as bouncy as most people would want it. 

Pressure relief

When recommending the best mattresses for back pain and pressure relief, our mattress review experts always go for beds in the firmness range of 5-7. That’s why we feel that the Loom and Leaf will make an excellent choice here. Remember, though, individuals weighing 150 lbs to 230 lbs will get the right balance of contour and support from the Relaxed Firm mattress. If you weigh 230-300 lbs, go for the Firm model.


As an all-foam mattress, there’ll be a chemical smell when the delivery staff sets up the bed in your bedroom. However, this will be a very faint odor compared to what we’d expect from a bed-in-a-box mattress. Since this mattress comes already fully expanded, most of the fumes will have dissipated by the time your Loom and Leaf arrives. Secondly and most importantly, all the layers in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified to have low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This further assures you that the smell shouldn’t last long. 


This ultra-premium memory foam mattress has been around for only five years. This is not enough time to give a solid conclusion on its longevity. Now, although memory foam mattress always resumes its original shape after you’ve gotten up, this response tends to fade away down the years, leaving your bed with indentations. All in all, considering this mattress’s dense poly foam support and base layers, we expect it to last longer than most run-of-the-mill memory foam beds, especially if you rotate it often. 

Performance Rating Score Table

Performance Our rating (out of 5)
Temperature Regulation3.9
Motion isolation 5
Edge support4.3
Pressure relief4.8

Loom and Leaf Mattress vs. Your Weight and Sleeping Position

Light sleepers- less than 130 lbs

Lightweight sleepers below 130 lbs tend to prefer a softer mattress in the firmness level of 5.5 to 6. Although the Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm is a tad on the firmer side, some lightweight sleepers, especially those who spend a lot of time on their stomach and back, may appreciate it. However, some side sleepers in this weight range may find it firmer than they would prefer. 

Average weight sleepers- 130 lbs to 230 lbs

The Loom and Leaf tends to favor this group the best. Sleepers in this category have enough pressure to experience the optimum cradling effect of the memory foam layers. Thanks to the euro pillow top and the dense transition and base layers, they will also receive a balanced amount of support in all sleeping positions. 

Heavyweight sleepers- above 230 lbs

The Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm may be usable by individuals weighing up to 230 lbs . Above 230 lbs, you’ll be sinking through the first layers, especially if you sleep on your stomach and side. Back sleepers may also experience a shortage of support, especially around the lumbar region. For individuals between 230 and 300 lbs, the Firm model might fit the bill. Above 300 lbs, you are better off with a spring-based mattress. 

Sleep Position Ratings (1-5)

Sleep position
Less than 130 lbs
Average weight 
130 to 230 lbs
Above 230 lbs
  Side  3.6  4.9  3.9
 Back 4.1 4.7 3.9
 Stomach 4.4 4.8  3.7

How much does Loom and Leaf Mattress Cost?

Size Mattress Dimensions
(Relaxed Firm)
Mattress Price
Twin38” x 75” x 12”$899
Twin xl38” x 80” x 12”$999
Full54” x 75” x 12”$1399
Queen60” x 80” x 12”$1,499
King76” x 80” x 12”$1799
Cal King72” x 84” 12”$1,799
Split King38″ x 80″ x 12″ (x2)$1,998
Split California King36″ x 84″ x 12″ (x2)$2,176
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Return and Return Policy

Similar to other mattresses by Saatva, you’ll get a 120-day trial period with the Loom and Leaf. This period gives your body enough time to adjust to the new bed. In case it doesn’t, Saatva allows you to return it, and they will refund your money less $99 that, as they claim, caters for transportation.

Mattress Warranty Analysis

If the mattress meets your sleep needs, you’ll get a 15-year manufacturer warranty that covers defective materials and workmanship. We have a detailed guide on how the Loom and Leaf warranty works, here. Here is a summary of the same, though. 

Within the first two years, you’ll get a new mattress free of charge. After two years, Saatva will repair any defects on the layers and cover. Although repairs are free, you’ll be responsible for a $99 shipping fee each way. 

Saatva also has what they call Fairness Replacement Option where within; 

  • 3-5 years– you can buy another new mattress at 30% of the original and keep the old mattress. 
  • 6-10 years– you can buy a brand new mattress at 50% and keep the defective bed too. 
  • 11-15 years– you can retain the defective mattress and buy a new one at 75% of the original mattress’s cost. 

Regular Complaints about Loom and Leaf Mattress that we’ve come across

  • Mattress is not soft – This is a medium-firm bed that is a bit on the firmer side. So, if you want the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, the Loom and Leaf won’t offer that.
  • It sleeps hot – Although this mattress has gel-on-gel infusion technology, it might still be an issue for people who naturally sleep hot. However, this is one of the areas where it beats most of its competitors.
  • Not easy to move on – If you are switching from a spring-based bed, you might experience some difficulty moving across this mattress. This is due to its relatively slow responsiveness. Most people tend to get used to it with time, though.
  • Chemical smell lingering longer than expected – All-foam mattresses tend to emit a chemical odor that may last for only a few hours or even a few days. This odor gets fainter and fainter by the day and should vanish in utmost a week. Airing the bed outside helps a lot in speeding up this process.

Our Verdict

 That’s all we had for this Loom and Leaf mattress review. What do you think? Is it the best memory foam mattress for you? In our opinion, this is a great bed for light to average weight sleepers (Relaxed Firm) and heavyweight sleepers (Firm). We appreciate that it comes in two firmness levels, so there’s no forcing yourself to like one firmness. 

This mattress won’t get you frigid, but it sleeps much cooler than most of its competitors. Our review experts also appreciate that it lacks that annoying memory foam feeling of being stuck in the bed, so it’s relatively easier to move on.

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