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Puffy Mattress Review

puffy mattress review - SleepSharp
Puffy Mattress

In mattresses, the word puffy describes a bed that feels like sleeping on a cloud. However, from 2017 to date, this word is synonymous with one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market- the Puffy mattress.

This is a medium-firm all-foam mattress that edges the competition with its excellent ability in relieving pressure points. It has a height of 10 inches and features a proprietary memory foam comfort layer and poly foam transition and support layers.

Since you’re here, you must be wondering, “is Puffy a good mattress?” “Is it firm or soft?” “Is it durable?”

For this Puffy mattress review, we’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis of this mattress to help you answer these and other questions. Read along to get our opinion on who it fits best and how it accommodates different weights and sleeping positions.

Puffy Mattress Brand Review

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The Puffy mattress is designed and made by an American company called Puffy. This is a small, privately-held manufacturer that launched its operations in 2016. However, it was not until a year later that it released its flagship mattress.

During this one year, this manufacturer says that they were deep into testing and retesting various mattress construction materials and compositions in search for the perfect combination.  

In addition to this 10-inch flagship mattress, Puffy has two additional memory foam mattresses;

  • Puffy Lux– this 12-inch model uses four layers instead of three and has a slightly softer feel
  • Puffy Royal mattress– this is a 14-inch luxury mattress with a medium-firm feel and zoned support

Who do we recommend the Puffy mattress for?

  • Lightweight individuals (below 130 pounds) across all sleeping positions– the Puffy mattress has a true medium-firm feel that creates the sensation of sleeping on a cloud. As such, lightweight sleepers can exert just enough pressure to generate enough contour without feeling buried inside the foam.
  • Lightweight to average weight folks with back and joint pains– thanks to its memory foam layers, the Puffy mattress will contour to your body shape in response to pressure and body heat. This facilitates natural alignment and full-body support, thereby allowing your muscles and joints to relax. 
  • Individuals who like sleeping inside the mattress– the medium-firm feel of this mattress allows for a deep and comfortable sinking experience that classic memory foam is known for. This makes it perfect for 130-230 lbs folks who prefer a bed that envelopes and hugs them.
  • Light sleepers who share the bed with a restless partner or pet– as a memory foam mattress, the Puffy offers excellent performance in dampening energy quickly. It also efficiently localizes motion to reduce its transfer across the bed.

Puffy Mattress Awards

🏆 Best Memory Foam Mattress
🏆 Best Soft and Plush Mattress
🏆 Best Mattress for Lightweight People
🏆 Best Memory Foam for Combo Sleepers
🏆 Best Mattress for Back Pain

Puffy Mattress Construction- Know why it’s different


This mattress comes with what Puffy calls a “Stain Resistant” white cover. Just as it implies, this cover is easy to wipe clean in case of spills or messes. Our review team believes this is what makes the Puffy an excellent mattress for those who love taking their breakfast in bed. What’s more, this cover has a zip, and it’s removable for washing in the machine.

This cover is 100% polyester fabric. This is the same material that you see mostly on workout and active-wear clothing thanks to its breathability and excellent durability. Another noteworthy attribute of this fabric is that it’s non-absorbent. So, sweat from your skin evaporates rather than being drawn into the cover.

puffy mattress cover - SleepSharp

Comfort layer

This mattress has two layers of foam that make its comfort system. At the top is a 2-inch thick proprietary foam that Puffy has dubbed Cooling Gel Cloud Layer. When doing this puffy mattress review, we found this layer to have all the properties of gel-infused memory foam.

Thanks to its low-density of 2.5 PCF (Pound per Cubic Feet), this layer offers all the benefits of traditional memory foam plus enhanced air circulation.

Transition layer

The transition zone of this mattress consists of a 2-inch layer also made of proprietary foam. This layer is notably denser than the comfort system but less dense than the base foam. The difference between the densities of these three layers is not by chance.

Instead, this is a thought out technique that helps in adding support to the mattress without causing an overwhelming firmness from the dense base. In other words, the transition layer acts as a buffer between the soft comfort layer and the firm base.

Support layer

The bottommost layer of this mattress is a 6-inch high-density poly-foam with a PCF of 1.5. This is a crucial layer that offers support to your body when lying on the comfort layers. It also determines how far you sink into the mattress and the comfort layer’s ability to provide enough cradling for proper spinal alignment and effective pressure relief. 

A word about Puffy mattress foam layers

While all of these layers are inorganic, it’s worth noting that they are CertiPUR-US Certified. CertiPur is an organization that tests foam products to ensure that the materials used don’t use ozone depleters, heavy metals, prohibited phthalates, and formaldehyde. Again, this certification should assure you that this mattress has low VOCs.

What is the height of the Puffy mattress?

The Puffy mattress has a height of 10 inches. Is this a proper height? Yes, maybe no. More often than not, the height of the bed does not add a lot to the comfort and support of the mattress. However, that changes significantly when talking about a mattress that is more on the soft side as it’s the case with the Puffy.

A 10-inch medium-firm mattress is ideally recommendable for lightweight sleepers as the comfort, and transition layers prevent the sleeper from crashing uncomfortably into the firm base. Heavy individuals above 230 pounds and who sleep on their stomach and side will skink too deep into the mattress, thereby creating shoulder, spine, and hip joint alignment issues.

Puffy Mattress Specifications

ProductPuffy Mattress
Firmness levelMedium-Firm (5/10)
Cover100% Polyester
Comfort System2-inch Gel-infused 2.5 PCF memory foam
Transition layer2-inch Poly Foam
Base Support6-inch 1.5 PCF Poly Foam
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How Firm does this mattress feel?

The Puffy mattress has a medium-firm feel and scores 5 on our soft-to-firm scale of 1-10. Now, although the proprietary comfort layer of this mattress has a memory foam-like feel, the gel-infusion technology in it makes it a little bit more responsive.

You’ll still get all the contouring and conforming attributes of memory foam. However, as you turn or move over the surface, the top layer responds a little more quickly than a pure-play memory foam layer would. This means that the Puffy mattress lacks the overwhelming sinking-sand sensation that plagues traditional memory foam beds.

Going through reviews from current users, this mattress seems to fulfill Puffy’s intention of accommodating all types of sleeping positions.

Put in mind, however, that firmness feel in mattresses is heavily dependent on the weight of the individual. The heavier you are, the softer the bed will feel to you. For this Puffy mattress review, we based our opinion above on what a lightweight sleeper (150-200 lbs) would feel sleeping in any position.

Performance Ratings- Puffy Mattress in Action

In this section, we give you a break-down of how the Puffy mattress performs in most of the critical considerations that matter when buying a mattress. We’ll base this section on current users’ reviews and feedback and our experience on how memory foam works.

Temperature regulation

It’s hard to get a memory foam bed that doesn’t sleep hot. However, gel-infusion mattresses are always ahead of the rest in terms of heat management. Overall, since this mattress tends to envelope you, you should expect it to sleep a little bit warm. Most people report that it remains within a comfortable range, though, thanks to gel-infusion and breathable cover.

cooling mattress puffy - SleepSharp
temperature regulation - SleepSharp

Motion isolation

If you share your bed with a partner or if you have animal friends or kids who jump into the bed with you, motion transfer is something that you’ll need to consider when purchasing a mattress.

Similar to most memory foam mattresses, the Puffy nearly eliminates all motion to create a serene sleeping surface even for the lightest sleepers. Foam mattresses boast billions of cells that work individually to absorb motion energy, thereby barring its transfer to the other side of the bed.


This is one of the areas that this mattress scoops almost all the marks in our score sheet. No matter how much you compress it, the Puffy mattress will always remain silent under all conditions. This trait is ubiquitous with foam beds since they don’t have moving parts such as coils in their structure. When complemented with a sturdy and silent frame or foundation, this noise-free performance is what makes Puff a good bed for sex to some extent. 

Edge support

This mattress performs just as we’d expect for an all-foam bed. When you sit on its sides, you’ll experience a significant deep into the layers more so if you are on the heavier side of the spectrum.

However, most light- and average-weight sleepers in our Puffy mattress review report a fair amount of support when lying on the edge. Heavy people might feel like they’re rolling off the bed, though.


The Puff is a good and poor performer in this category. Here is the bad news. Similar to all other foam mattresses, this model has minimal bounce, so you might want to put a little more effort into each thrust. Secondly, although it’s relatively more responsive, its cradle effect makes it impossible to change positions quickly.

On the upside, the cradling traits of this mattress make it possible to maintain a given sex position without lots of effort. Again, remember that this mattress is very discreet: it won’t be squeaking and creaking with every move.

Pressure relief

Another core area that impresses us the most in this mattress review is its ability to relieve pressure points. It’s all in how memory foam works.

If you fall between 130 lbs and 230 lbs, this mattress yields to your weight and body shape and efficiently distributes pressure over the sleeping surface. This creates a near-natural cradle that results in a deep, more restful sleep that allows your muscles to relax and recover.

Even better, unlike a spring mattress, the foam in this mattress won’t push against you. So, it’s unlikely to cause more pressure points, especially on your shoulder blades, hips, buttons, hips, and elbow.

puffy total pressure relief - SleepSharp


After unboxing this mattress, it does emit a chemical smell as VOCs break down. This is expected of all bed-in-a-box foam mattresses. Most people report that this smell is far from being overwhelming and that it dissipates quickly in 24-48 hours.


It being a new mattress, it’s still early to determine Puffy’s longevity. However, for the sake of this mattress review, we can estimate durability using what we know about its construction materials.

Considering its low-density, synthetic layers, we expect this mattress to sag a little bit faster than other high-density mattresses. Again, it deteriorates even faster since you can’t flip it.

All in all, we expect lightweight consumers to reap more years than average weight users, and even more than heavyweight individuals.

Performance Rating Score Table

PerformanceOur rating (out of 5)
Temperature Regulation4.5
Motion isolation 4.9
Edge support3.9
Pressure relief4.8

Puffy mattress vs. Your Weight and Sleeping Position

Lightweight sleepers- less than 130 lbs

In our opinion, individuals in this category make the perfect match for the Puffy mattress. By using a low-density comfort layer and medium-firm transition foam, lightweight sleepers get that sleeping-on-the-cloud feeling without sinking deep into the bed.

The extra-soft memory foam layer tends to support all sleeping positions in this category, although side and back sleepers praise it the most. A few stomach snoozers may feel their hips digging deeper into the mattress, thereby pulling the spine off alignment.

Average weight sleepers- 130 lbs to 230 lbs

Considering the thickness of this mattress’s comfort layer, some stomach and back sleepers may sink too far into the bed, thereby causing discomfort.

However, some strict side sleepers who prefer sleeping on a soft mattress say that the bed works just fine for them, too. However, as you climb up the weight ladder, complaints of lack of support, pressure points, and excessive heat retention become common.

Heavyweight sleepers- above 230 lbs

Heavy people prefer a firm bed with denser foams from the comfort layer to the support core. They also tend to gravitate towards thicker beds- at least 12 inches. In that case, most people in this category will find this mattress way soft for their liking. Stomach and side sleepers will also find it insanely lacking in support.

Sleep Position Ratings (1-5)

Sleep position
Less than 130 lbs
Average weight 
130 to 230 lbs
Above 230 lbs
  Side  4.9  4.4  3.1
 Back 4.9 4.1 3.4
 Stomach 4.7 4.0 3.0

 How much does Puffy Mattress Cost?

SizeMattress DimensionsMattress Price
Twin39″ x 75″ x 10″$795
Twin xl39″ x 80″ x 10″$825
Full54″ x 75″ x 10″$995
Queen60″ x 80″ x 10″$1,150
King76″ x 80″ x 10″$1350
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 10″$1,350
puffy mattress dark room - SleepSharp

Return and Refund Policy

While the internet ranks Puffy as the most comfortable mattress at the moment, the manufacturer understands that it won’t be the best for everyone. In that case, you’ll get this mattress with a 101-day in-home trial period to try it out.

Unlike other high-end bed manufacturers, Puffy does not ‘force’ you to sleep on the bed for a given time before deciding whether to keep it or not. In case it does not meet your sleep needs at any time within the trial period, you’re free to send it back for a full refund.

Puffy Mattress Review: Warranty Analysis

If the mattress meets your comfort and supports needs and you opt to keep it, Puff will again offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Puffy lifetime warranty works a little bit different from what we’re used to with other manufacturers.

Within the first 10 years, the manufacturer will choose to repair or replace the mattress. After a decade, Puffy offers you an option to purchase a similar mattress at half the cost of the original. Learn more about what is covered and what is not covered in the Puffy mattress warranty here.

Regular Complaints about Puffy Mattress that We’ve Come Across

  • An overly soft mattress – It’s not surprising to hear people complaining about this mattress’s soft feel. However, this is usually more common among individuals weighing 230 lbs and above. Back and stomach sleepers over 130 lbs may also experience a notably higher sinkage.
  • Sleeping IN the mattress – If you prefer sleeping ON the bed, the Puffy may not suit you. The super-soft and viscoelastic comfort layer of this mattress will yield to your shape and envelop you. A firmer mattress may be what you want.
  • Not great for stomach sleeping – Although this mattress tends to support all sleeping positions, average weight and heavyweight stomach sleepers may experience a severe lack of support. This may cause discomfort on their spine, shoulders, and hips.
  • Smell that lingers for a few days – This mattress has a slight new mattress smell when you unpack it. However, we have to acknowledge that the scent in some beds may take a bit longer to disappear. There is no cause for alarm, though. The odor will go away in a couple of days, especially if you let the mattress air for some time. Again, remember that this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. So, rest assured that you are not breathing in heavy metals, formaldehyde, and ozone depleters.

Our Verdict

For average weight sleepers, we believe the Puffy mattress offers the closest feeling of sleeping on a cloud. This mattress scores a lot of marks on comfort and support. Also, we feel that it has a much better performance in terms of temperature regulation compared to most of its competitors.

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