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Wearing Socks To Bed: 4 Reasons Why It May Be A Good Idea

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Keeping your feet warm at night is something that comforts many people and helps them to fall asleep at night. Sleeping with your socks on feels comfortable and comes with some benefits that you may not be expecting. Our post takes you through 4 reasons why wearing socks to bed can be good for your health.

Is It Bad To Sleep With Socks On?

Sleeping in an environment where the temperature remains the same is one of the best ways to make sure that you can remain in a deep sleep for longer. When your body becomes too cold or too hot, it can cause you to wake up or be uncomfortable with tossing and turning for hours.

If your feet tend to get colder at night when you’re in bed, you may want to consider wearing socks to keep them warm. It can be a simple but effective way to keep your feet warm with the rest of your body so that you’re less likely to wake up.

When you fall asleep, the human body brings your temperature down slightly and for some, this can be felt more in their feet than anywhere else. By wearing socks, you’re able to let your body be free to handle other restorative tasks within your body while you sleep rather than trying to keep your feet warm.

Are There Other Ways To Keep Your Feet Warm Aside From Wearing Socks?

Some people feel uncomfortable wearing socks to bed but may still be interested in experiencing the benefits of keeping their feet warm. Well, there are numerous ways that you can keep your feet warm with one of the most common ways being to put a hot water bottle at the end of the bed. 

You can also take some steps to keep your feet warm before you get into bed. Wearing slippers around the house at night is an easy way to keep your feet warm so that they have a better chance of maintaining their temperature at night.

Taking a bath filled with warm water close to bedtime is great for circulation and keeping your feet at a steady temperature. You could even have a massage on your legs before going to bed to improve circulation and make sure that your feet can be warm when you go to sleep.

4 Benefits Of Wearing Socks To Sleep 

Socks Help You Fall Asleep

One of the biggest benefits of wearing socks to bed is that it can help you to fall asleep quicker. This is because wearing socks warms up your feet while also ensuring that your overall body temperature can be evenly regulated which is a natural process that happens during sleep.

Therefore, wearing socks to bed can be a great way for your body to send signals to the brain that it’s time for sleep. This can result in the sleep hormone melatonin being released to make you feel tired and you may experience a night of better quality sleep.

Socks Reduce Hot Flashes

Wearing warm socks for sleeping can help with thermoregulation which is an effective way to minimize hot flashes. People sometimes experience hot flashes during the night due to their body temperature becoming too high.

Initially, wearing socks to keep your feet warm seems like it would make the problem worse. However, keeping your feet warm enables your body to have an easier time regulating its core temperature as there’s better circulation.

Women who are experiencing menopause may find it incredibly beneficial to wear socks while sleeping to reduce hot flashes and sleep better.

Wearing Socks To Sleep Can Help With Raynaud’s Disease

People who suffer from Raynaud’s disease experience problems related to their blood vessels. One of the main symptoms of Raynaud’s disease is cold hands and feet and these symptoms become worse if you’re cold.

Therefore, wearing socks to bed could be an effective way for people with the disease to prevent their symptoms from becoming worse. When Raynaud disease sufferers experience an attack that has been caused by the disease, it can lead to decreased blood flow in the feet and hands which can become more serious the longer it goes unchecked.

Consulting a doctor is our recommendation if you’ve been experiencing these symptoms to make sure you can get the right medical help. Wearing socks to sleep is just one of the things that can help you manage the disease while sleeping.

Socks Can Improve Cracked Heel Skin

People who have dry or cracked heels can improve the skin on their feet by wearing socks to sleep. Before going to sleep, moisturize your heels and feet and put your socks on. The socks work to keep the moisture locked into your skin all night while you sleep.

If you stay consistent with this routine, you’ll be able to reduce cracked heel skin and go back to having smoother skin on your feet.

How To Choose The Best Socks For Sleeping

Ideally, you’ll want to stick with the socks that have been made with natural materials. Socks made with wool, cotton, and cashmere are what we recommend as they’re natural but also breathable.

You should also make sure that the socks you wear aren’t too tight. This is because they can be counterproductive and end up reducing your blood circulation rather than boosting it. So, be sure that the socks have a loose fit while still being comfortable and able to keep your feet warm.

Furthermore, it’s important not to wear the same socks to bed as the ones that you have been wearing all day long. This is because socks that have been worn throughout the day are more likely to have bacteria that you could end up unintentionally bringing into the bed.


So, there are some excellent benefits that you can experience while wearing socks. While they can be a fantastic tool to help you sleep better, deal with Raynaud’s disease, improve the condition of cracked heels, and reduce hot flashes, it’s not best to wear them all the time. You want to provide your feet with the opportunity to ventilate and be cleaned daily to remain hygienic.

If you’ve been struggling to fall asleep faster or feel uncomfortable with cold feet at night, try wearing a pair of socks to bed and see if you notice a difference in the quality of your sleep.

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