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What Is A Platform Bed? Find Out Why They’re So Popular

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If you’ve been looking into finding a new bed, you will likely have come across platform beds as they’ve been becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s take a look at what features go into making a platform bed, as well as the different kinds and how they stack up compared to box spring and other common beds. After reading our post, you’ll have a better idea as to what a platform bed is and whether it’s the right type of bed for you.

What Are The Main Features Of A Platform Bed?

The main elements that make up a platform bed include a raised frame and mattress and there is often space underneath that people commonly use for storage. Platform beds usually have a rectangular shape and wood is the most common material used to construct them. However, some platform beds have been made with metal materials.

You can find platform beds with footboards and headboards but it’s a feature that isn’t found across all of these beds. Many people prefer having footboards or headboards as it provides them with the opportunity to be creative with how they decorate their beds.

While platform beds have a raised frame, most of them tend to be closer to the floor compared to regular beds. One of the main reasons as to why platform beds are closer to the ground is because they don’t have a box spring.

Instead, platform beds have slats underneath that allow for the mattress to be held up without requiring any other support. An excellent benefit to having more slats underneath a platform bed is that you can have an easier time when it comes to adjusting how soft or firm you want the mattress to feel. You can change the distances between the slats to alter how soft or firm the mattress feels to lay on.

Having said that, there are also platform beds that come with surfaces underneath that are solid instead of slats. For these platform beds, you won’t be able to adjust the firmness of your mattress so quickly or easily. On the other hand, platform beds with solid structures underneath are more durable.

Different Kinds Of Platform Beds

While the majority of platform beds have a design that keeps them low to the ground, some smaller variations make these beds different from one another. Some of the low platform beds have a small space underneath whereas others have hardly any room between the floor and the bed.

One of the variations includes there being space underneath where the manufacturers have installed drawers.

These drawers can make it easy for you to keep items stored away underneath the bed to save room in cupboards. There are also platform beds that have space underneath but without drawers pre-installed.

There are platform beds that have a floating design. The reason as to why the bed has an illusion of floating is because the top of the bed is larger than the bottom. As a result, it appears that the mattress and frame are in the air as there’s less of the frame that you can see.

Are Platform Beds Comfortable?

Most people consider platform beds to be very comfortable. Having said that, the level of comfort that you can experience will depend on the quality of your mattress. So, platform beds can be better for your back as long as you have the right kind of mattress.

A big factor that makes platform beds consistently comfortable is that there are no box springs. Over time, box springs can begin to sag and cause the mattress to lose its shape which can make it uncomfortable.

Platform beds can keep the mattress supported without the risk of sagging. The level of support that you’re provided with is consistent across the slats or solid surface base. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about areas of the bed sagging more than others.

If you prefer to sleep on a bed that has more of a springy feel to it, a box spring bed may be a better choice. However, platform beds provide more durable support and can even let you adjust the firmness of the mattress by moving the slats around.

Do Platform Beds Require Box Springs?

After learning more about what platform beds are, you may be wondering whether you need a box spring on a platform bed. Well, the simple answer is no. This is because platform beds work by allowing airflow through the mattress and bedding while also providing you with support to sleep comfortably.

You’re also free to use a range of different mattresses with a platform bed. That includes gel, foam, natural, organic, and hybrid mattresses. However, we recommend that you use a memory foam mattress with a platform bed.

The main reason for this is because the platform beds have plenty of support and the memory foam can contour to the natural shape of your body for added comfort.

The Positives & Negatives Of Platform Beds

The biggest benefit of using platform beds is that they tend to be more durable as there are no box springs that can sag. For the platform beds that come with slats, you can move them around to change the firmness of your mattress to feel more comfortable.

Elderly people or those who have injuries and aren’t as mobile can benefit from platform beds because of how they’re designed to be lower to the ground. Therefore, getting in and out of platform beds is easier.

Due to how they’ve designed the underneath of platform beds, there’s more airflow that can circulate throughout the bedding which is great for keeping your body at a temperature that’s comfortable for sleeping.

There are also some downsides to platform beds that you should be aware of before you make any decisions on new beds. One of the main pitfalls of platform beds is that the amount of bounce available is limited.

Even when it comes to moving the slats around to adjust the firmness, some people find that platform beds feel too solid for their liking. In addition to this, you may struggle to find a good quality platform bed if you’re on a tighter budget because they’re usually more expensive than regular beds.

Alternatives To Platform Beds

Box Springs

Box spring beds are the traditional type of bed that is usually constructed out of metal or wood. There are metal springs underneath which your mattress sits on top to react to any pressure when you lay down on it. These types of beds are more affordable, however, they’re also not as durable.

As a result of the springs, you’ll be able to feel more of a bounce on box spring beds compared to platform beds.

Mattress Foundation

Mattress foundations are made using wooden materials and they look similar to platform beds until you take a closer look. There are slats underneath that work to keep the mattress and you supported. Although, there’s a cover over the top to make it work more like a box spring bed.

The frames available with mattress foundations are strong and provide you with a more flat surface that stays in place. Therefore, it’s best to use natural latex or memory foam mattresses with these beds.


To wrap up our post on what platform beds are:

  • They don’t require box spring foundations and can provide a more sturdy structure to sleep on. 
  • Platform beds with slats can be adjusted to change how soft or firm you want your mattress to be. 
  • They’re designed lower to the ground which makes it easier for elderly people and those with mobility issues to get in and out of bed. 
  • You can use a wide variety of mattresses with platform beds. 
  • Some of them provide space underneath that you can use for storage. 

Platform beds are more expensive but you’re paying a higher price for more durability as they’re designed to last for years. You also don’t have to worry about your bed sagging as there are no springs to worry about.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to learn more about why platform beds are so popular and the features that make them different from other beds.

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